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January 5, 2010

Civil War Artifacts

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The American Civil War was one of the most important events that shaped the nation of America. It was fought at a time when technological innovation was just starting to sweep over the nation. The first submarine used in battle, but so were swords and musket balls. Over half a million people lost their lives in this war and many more were wounded. People still reenact the battles today. Some southerners are still angry over the result of the war even after all these generations have gone by.

One interesting part of Civil War history is that there are so many Civil War artifacts out there still. There are swords, rifles, musket balls, uniforms, buttons, newspapers, and so much more! Many of these things are still lost in fields and swamps just waiting for someone to find them. This site will talk about the different Civil War artifacts that are still out there waiting to be found as well as those that are in museums or  collections.

By studying and collection Civil War artifacts, one can immerse himself in the time period and begin to truly understand what it was like back then. It gives one a greater understanding of what the War was like for soldiers and civilians than a simple textbook can give you. You can look at a musket ball and imagine what it must have been like to have one blast through your shin. You can hold a rifle and feel its weight in your hands. You can read newspaper accounts and imagine what it must have felt like for a wife whose husband was off fighting. That is the power of Civil War artifacts and hopefully this website will help you in your quest to learn about the Civil War!


January 6, 2010

Civil War Sword

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When it comes to Civil War artifacts, perhaps the most impressive is the Civil War sword. The sword was the last line of defense for a U.S. Civil War soldier. After the bullets and artillery had been fired, the sword was used in close proximity fighting. A Civil War sword could inflict a lot of damage on the limbs of a combatant!

Swords were issued to soldiers in both the Union and Confederate armies. Generals, officers, cavalry soldiers, and regular soldiers were all issued swords. These swords were customized according to a soldier’s rank with a soldier of higher rank having a more ornately decorated sword. Some swords even had designs engraved in the blade.

If you want to learn more about Civil War swords, I suggest that you get this book: Swords of the American Civil War. This book has the most complete examination of Civil War swords carried by both Union and Confederate enlisted men and officers. It contains over 700 detailed pictures of every style of sword issued in the War! It is a must have for any collector or Civil War history buff!

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